The Toa

Tahu, Toa of Fire

Tahu is the Toa of Fire and the imprompteu leader of the Toa. He has a fiery personality that sometimes gets him into trouble, but he is heroic and courageous too.
He wields a fire sword and his Kanohi Mask of Shielding can protect him from attacks.

Gali, Toa of Water

Gali is the Toa of Water and the only Toa that uses female pronouns. She is peaceful and tries to resolve conficts before going into them headfirst.
She uses water hooks and posesses the Kanohi Mask of Water Breathing, which grants her total authority in the water.

Lewa, Toa of Air

Lewa is the Toa of JUNGLE Air. His humor and easygoing attitude are among his strongest traits, as is his passion for adventure.
He carries an air axe and posesses the Kanohi Mask of Levitation, which doesn't quite grant him flight but does give him some power over the air.

Pohatu, Toa of Stone

Pohatu is the Toa of Stone. He is an everyman, being reliable, friendly, and an athletic fighter.
He doesn't use any weapons, but he carries immense feet power that allows him to kick through boulders, and his Kanohi Mask of Speed allows him to run at incredible speed.

Onua, Toa of Earth

Onua is the Toa of Earth. Living in the dark underground of Mata Nui has left him a quiet and thoughtful Toa.
He wields claws to aid him in digging through rock and possesses the Kanohi Mask of Strength to further empower himself.

Kopaka, Toa of Ice

Kopaka is the Toa of Ice. He is level-headed, rational, and prefers to work alone, which puts him at odds with Tahu, and they frequently clash.
He carries an ice sword as well as a shield to fight with both offense and defense and possesses the Kanohi Mask of X-Ray Vision, strengthing his vision and analytical ability.

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